About Ruta Ñ

Ruta Ñ offers a different and innovative way of teaching Spanish.

Ruta Ñ courses take place on a journey through a series of towns in the province of Ciudad Real (Castile-La Mancha, Spain), an area filled with splendid scenery, history and cultural heritage.

The towns visited during the course have a close link to one of the true masterpieces of universal literature: Don Quixote.

What better place to study Spanish than the birthplace of the language and the land that made it universal.

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The route travels through the following towns:

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Optional excursions

Ruta Ñ offers several courses of different durations: sixteen, ten and seven days (as well as tailor made courses and special group courses).

The sixteen day course is the only one that travels the full route through all six towns (Almagro, Moral de Calatrava, Valdepeñas, San Carlos del Valle and Villanueva de los Infantes).

Students travel between the towns by hiking through the spectacular scenery of this beautiful region.

Ruta Ñ vehicles carry your luggage to the next destination town, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing hike. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the hike will be cancelled and students will travel to the next town by bus.

The classes take place during your stay in each town and in the midst of nature as you hike through the countryside.

Our study plan is designed and taught by an expert team of teachers from a centre accredited by the renowned Instituto Cervantes. Instituto Cervantes is the most prestigious public institution for the promotion of the Spanish language and advancement of Spanish and Hispanic culture, thereby guaranteeing the utmost quality of our courses.

Innovative, dynamic and intensive courses (taught both in the mornings and the afternoons) covering topics associated with the land in which they are taught.

Our original format means that students are not taught in the typical classroom environment. Our classes take place in the midst of nature, at monuments or in the streets we encounter on our journey. The courses also include guided visits to tourist attractions, cultural events, local businesses and a range of other activities.

To encourage the integration of our students and improve knowledge of the language and culture, accommodation is provided in the homes of host families in the towns along the route (in some towns accommodation is provided in hotels).

Students will enjoy a tranquil, calm and relaxing environment, far removed from the stress, crowds and pressure of city life, making this course an even more effective and attractive teaching method. Students will also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and warmth of the people in this region. A great climate, fantastic local cuisine and an exciting culture.

All of this, and much more, makes Ruta Ñ the most effective, enriching and fun way of learning the Spanish language and discovering its culture.