Why study Spanish?

Spanish is a language with great potential for expansion. It’s a language of culture. Knowing the Spanish language will allow you to understand, enjoy and fully experience an exciting culture that has been a fundamental part of universal history.

The Spanish language today

  • Is the most widely spoken language in the western world.
  • Is the second most spoken native language in the world (after Chinese).
  • Is spoken by more than 500 million people.
  • Is the second most studied language in the world (with more than 20 million students).
  • Is the third most popular language on the Internet.
  • Is the second most popular language for international communication.
  • Is an official language of the main international political/economic organisations.

What’s more, Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries and is spoken on five continents.

Spanish is the official language in most Central and South American countries, currently one of the areas with greatest potential for economic growth.

A language of the future

Official academic organisations claim that by 2030 the Spanish language will be the second most spoken language in the world, behind Chinese, and that it will become the most spoken language by 2045.

For all of these reasons, studying Spanish is becoming increasingly important and can open many doors in the future